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Isfahan (IRAN)
The 4th International Theater Festival for Person with Disability


from Antonio Viganò e Julie Anne Stanzak

with Michele Fiocchi, Rodrigo Scaggiante, Daniele Bonino, Lorenzo Friso, Maria Magdolna Johannes, Michael Untertrifaller, Mathias Dallinger

Our interest in Pirandello’s piece is based on the drama of the personal search for self-realization, for identity and for existential legitimization. Pirandello’s play on miscommunication, the social masks we wear and the roles we play, which we all think of as static but which are in constant transformation, is great breeding ground for these different actors.
Pirandello unmasks the appearances of the theatre, as well as life itself as an appearance. He shows the tragedy of a true life, that is moving in this false world and is hardly noted. But how can we give to this “small” life a bigger importance?
In Pirandello’s original piece, a family of six on the rehearsal stage wants to enact a tragedy, but the author has left them stranded as characters. In this adaptation, the “invaders” don’t want to play roles, but to tell their own stories: they want to become real. They are people of flesh and blood, unable to define themselves since others have superimposed forms upon them. A feeling of strangeness not only affects people that are considered “different,” but affects each and every one of us.
“You can come to life in different forms: as a tree, a butterfly, a stone.”